Tuesday, February 22, 2005

WHAT WG or XForms: what is it going to be?

Just read an interesting article on News.com, in which WHAT WG's Web Forms 2.0 is compared with W3C's XForms. A journalist from a Dutch IT newspaper called me today to ask for Backbase's opinion on this. In short, Backbase sees good things in both initiatives, but our approach is closer to XForms because of our focus on XML and declarative development (as opposed to scripting). The big difference is that Backbase Forms work in most modern browsers without plugins. I'll write a bit more about this later.

PS. also an interesting discussion on Slashdot


Blogger Grauw said...

I think Web Forms 2.0 will start to be used on the web once implementations are available - because of its backwards compatible nature, this is possible. However, I think Backbase is an even better solution, of course, because it already works in existing browsers, and seems more powerful to boot. Plus, using Backbase technology doesn't prevent you from using Web Forms 2.0 /as well/, so you can use the best from both worlds!

As far as XForms is concerned, even though we have a (beta) implementation today, it doesn't provide backwards compatibility, and as I don't see IE implementing the standard in any near future, I don't see it used on the web. However, I can very much imagine it will start being used in a fair number of intranet applications, it certainly has potential there.

So, both standards have their merits.


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