Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Backbase in Top 10 Ajax apps - twice

Dan Grossman, a venture capitalist from Venrock Associates created a Top 10 of Ajax applications. Other than the Ajax app list on Ajax Patterns, this list has a ranking from 1 to 10. It does not include applications by large companies such as Google or Yahoo!

Number 1 is Kiko, the online calender, and number 2 is the Backbase RSS Reader, our newest demo application. The Backbase Portal (one of our most long-standing demos) is featured on place 8, and the recently updated Backbase Explorer is number 3 on the list of honorable mentions.

Personally I also like the Backbase Windows starter kit, although it could be expanded a bit more. The embedded movie is quite funny, by the way.


Blogger Jason said...

Seems a bit disingenuous to not include Ajax apps by Google and Yahoo on the list, no? I mean, I know that he specified that he wanted to focus on startups, but then it's no longer a list of the top 10 Ajax apps, but a list of the top 10 Ajax apps produced by startup firms (itself a tough term to define).

7:03 AM  

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