Saturday, April 02, 2005

Ajax: Where is it happening?

Even with the global nature of the Internet, new technological advances can come from a specific region. I live in Amsterdam myself, and for Ajax we're not doing bad: is based there, my employer Backbase is based there, and - last but not least - Amsterdam is the home town of the soccer club Ajax :-)

Silicon Valley and San Francisco might even have better credentials: the creator of the term 'Ajax' is based there, many of Google's new services have been developed in the Valley, several Dojo contributors are based there, and many more. Of course, it's not the first innovation that started in the Valley...

This week I'm visiting a friend in San Francisco, so - in addition to enjoying the city and the wonderful weather - I'm open to meeting people. Let me know at jep at backbase dot com if you're interested.


Blogger Ryan Brooks said...

In Canada, there's not a lot of Ajax activity yet. Actually, there is not a lot of Ajax activity period, if you consider the size of the internet.

Canada has been home to some great technologies though; here's hoping that it will take a foothold.

Personally, I consider Backbase more like Ajax on steriods.


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