Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Backbase Weblog based on WordPress

In this blog I've mentioned my employer Backbase quite frequently. At Backbase we've now created a company weblog at from now on I will post most new articles on the Backbase blog, so please update your RSS feeds. The Backbase blog will cover general AJAX topics, with so now and then a Backbase-specific article.

On this weblog I will keep posting about AJAX & Performance and personal topics. For example, I will write some more about AJAX & Latency, which turned out to be a fairly popular topic.

The new Backbase weblog is built using WordPress. We've added some small Backbase features, such as animations, and input validation for commenting. Today it works only IE & Firefox/Mozilla, but we'll make it degrade gracefully for other browsers soon. I'm also looking forward to improve the commenting functionality, because I feel AJAX can have real usability benefits there.


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