Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Moved to San Francisco

Since a couple of weeks I'm living in San Francisco, and working for the San Mateo office of Backbase. So I was pretty busy finalizing work in Amsterdam, moving my stuff out of my apartment, and so on. And on the other end of the ocean I had to find an apartment, buy a car, get a cell phone, bank account, credit card, etcetera. And obviously we had to get the office started, together with a team of local Backbase employees. In short: a busy time.

There is a lot of demand for AJAX software in the US market, and there are not that many vendors. Especially the new pricing of Backbase ($1995 per CPU, one-time fee) appeals to many prospects. So we made a good start with our office.

From now on I will try to write more frequently on this blog, and on the Backbase weblog. There are still several interesting AJAX topics to cover, and I will focus mainly on performance and networking issues, in combination with AJAX.

By the way, I just read an interesting post by Alistair Croll which explains why AJAX applications issue more HTTP requests, and often download more data, while still being more responsive than traditional applications.


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Anonymous Alistair Croll said...

Incidentally, the Bitcurrent link has moved to http://www.bitcurrent.com/?p=10 since the launch of the new blog. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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