Monday, March 30, 2009

Stay Positive by Mark Victor Hansen

How Mark Victor Hansen stays up through down times

It’s easy to stay motivated when times are flush. But staying up in down times? That requires a whole other set of skills.

This post is to illustrate how choosing the right keywords in your Title, Heading and content of the article have a dramatic impact on search engine rankings.

This article is about Mark Victor Hansen, and it talks about how he stays positive in a bad economy. So it is key to include his name, and the "Stay Positive" phrase in the title of the article.

Also, any bold or italic text is assigned more weight. On the bright side: it is fairly easy to improve the search engine rankings when you focus just on a couple of things.

This post refers to the article by Selling Power Magazine: Stay Positive. By linking from here, the original article get more credibility.

However, Google says it has not indexed this specific page. You can find out about this by typing the following in the Google search box:


However, the following URL is found:


Therefore be careful with URL parameters: they may mess up your ranking.

If you search for "Stay Positive Mark Victor Hansen" the Selling Power website is only on position 29, and the URL that is indexed is not a permanent URL, but the temporary 'cover page' URL.


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